What is a “halfway house”?

There are two definitions for the term “halfway house.” The standard definition used to refer to a midway point such as a hotel or an inn on a person’s journey. Today, when we use the term, we are referring to a rehab center where an individual resides once they have been released from prison or an addiction treatment and recovery facility in order to readjust to living in the outside world. The description “halfway” refers to the fact that they are half way between the institution and society.

The transition process

Once an individual has been treated for their alcohol addiction and has recovered from it, entering a transitional living halfway house or program will help them continue recovering so that they can eventually transition back into society while remaining clean and sober. Recovery is an ongoing process that never ends once a person has fallen prey to alcohol dependency. So a transitional living halfway house program and other after-care programs help further the recovery process while providing the individual with necessary support.

Transitional living with Delray

The Delray Recovery Center offers a “no time limit” stay in our transitional living halfway house program for those individuals who are not confident enough in their sobriety to return home to their communities. They are welcome to reside here on the property until they are fully confident that they have recovered sufficiently and will not relapse once they return home. The reason for this is because the transition period is different for every individual so we do not place a time limit on the length of time a person stays in the program.

The transition period at the Delray Recovery Center doesn’t officially begin until the client has completed one of our in-patient addiction treatment and recovery programs and then entered an out-patient or after care program to continue their recovery. Our transitional living halfway house program is geared to the client who is undergoing the earlier stages of the recovery process and still requires continual support throughout the endeavor. It is every bit as intensive as our in-patient programs.

We Can Help

Our program is geared to those clients who want to return clean and transitional to society so that they can find employment again or continue pursuing their education. Group therapy sessions continue through the program and are held in the evenings so the individual can resume their normal lives during the day. In so doing, their pursuit of education or finding a job is not interfered with in any way.

If you would like more information on our transitional living halfway house programs, we will be happy to contact you immediately. Simply fill out the form in the upper right of this page and e-mail it into us for further assistance.