Recovering from Prescription Drug Addiction

“I think the world of you and what you’re doing to help people. I do owe my life to you, Brett, and Mike, literally. Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude, nor could anything in this world. Maybe someday, when you run into me clean and sober, you’ll get some ‘thanks’ from above.

Those several days I spent with you changed something in me. I can’t quite put my finger on it–but it’s good. And you guys all had a part in it. For that, my deepest gratitude belongs to you, Joe, Brett, Mike, and the young lady who welcomed me with all the grace she had in her.

My hope is that we can become friends. Quality people like yourselves is what I need in my life.”

– Brian T., Philadelphia, PA


A Physician’s View

“Why has The Delray Recovery Center been successful when other programs were not? The Delray Recovery Center was a much longer term program than he had participated in previously, and Mark knew that if he didn’t follow the rules that he had no chance of future family support.

These consequences may have been just as important as the rehab center itself. They staff at The Delray Recovery Center is appropriately strict, honest and demanding of their clients. They helped him address legal issues as well as helping him gain employment.

This was a relatively unique aspect of the center. It forced individuals to be proactive and encouraged optimism regarding the future.

I do not know if this is similar at other programs. The therapists at The Delray Recovery Center have also been exceptional: Chris, his therapist has been great–forthright, and great at communication. He has helped Mark sort out numerous psychosocial problems. Mark has continued to follow up with him intermittently since completing the program at DRC. I have no hesitation in recommending The Delray Recovery Center for someone with Mark’s challenges.”

– Dr. Malone, Jersey City, NJ

Therapists were very personable, especially concerning issues that were very private.
Samantha R.
The Delray Recovery Center crew is a great group of people who are willing to help if you are willing to change..
Jonathan D.

Recovering from Opiate Addiction

“The Delray Recovery Center has helped me in many ways. They helped me deal better with my traumas, become more educated about the disease of addiction, and open up more. The Delray Recovery Center crew is a great group of people who are willing to help if you are willing to change. I have strong hope after your recovery program. There is no doubt that the therapists are fantastic people. They helped me out so much and I won’t ever forget them and what they did to help me in recovery.”

– Jonathan D., Long Island, NY

Wife of Recovering Alcoholic

“It brings me pleasure to acknowledge the excellence of your facility. My husband recently stayed at the Delray Beach site. I was so pleased with my visit. Immediately, I noticed the neatly-groomed grounds and cleanliness of the rooms. It was very impressive.

During my husband’s stay, he became very ill and needed emergency medical care. It is impossible to express, in words, our thanks and appreciation to Brett for his unbelievable job of observation, caring, and kindness to him. Also, for his patience with my many phone calls and willingness to assist beyond the call of duty with compassion.

I am also thankful to Mike, who assisted with the packing, and Joe for his conversations. The respectful and helpful manner of The Delray Recovery Center staff was beyond what I expected. My gratitude and prayers are with all. God Bless you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

– Theresa R., Orlando, FL


“I recommend The Delray Recovery Center to those who genuinely want to build a strong foundation for their recovery.”

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“Dear Joe, I really do not know how to express my thanks to you for helping me with my son. I have had trouble for many years. I prayed to God and my answer was you. You went above and beyond the realm of what a person would ever do for another.

Here is a little background for you- I was married at age 16 and pregnant with my first son. My former husband and I stayed together for six years and had two more sons. My husband was very abusive to me, both mentally and physically. When my boys were 1, 3, and 5, I gathered the courage to leave him. Times were hard. I worked three jobs to support my family. I did not receive any state help, food stamps, nor child support.

Five years later I fell in love with a wonderful man with two children. We married (still are) but there were struggles raising five children. However, we always had a home, food on the table, and lots of love! My husband has always been a good father to all our children. As a result, life had begun looking much better for me and my family.

On November 30, 1998, my eldest son had a severe headache and stiff neck. That evening we took him to the emergency room. By 9:01am on December 1st, he had passed away. We were all devastated.

That’s when my youngest son, ‘Tony’, began to lose control. He loved and cherished his older brother and has never accepted his death. The trouble began in December of 1998 when Tony began using drugs – all types – too many to name and inevitably, he went to jail.

Tony’s last stay in jail was eighteen months. He was doing well and was sent to work release camp. I thought all was good. Little did I know the inmates had introduced Tony to heroin. When he got out in October, he kept his same job but was addicted to shooting heroin. Tony was trying to stop but could not.

On December 29th, he called me for help. Tony wanted off heroin. He cried and said ‘Mom, please help me.”

We do not have the kind of money it takes for rehab centers. We barely pay our bills. I went online looking for help. On December 30th, you called me at work and we talked for a long while. You were like an angel, an answer to my prayers. We tried to get Tony on a bus that day to go to rehab but he was reluctant and said ‘no.’

On December 31st, New Year’s Eve, Tony called and said he would go. You made arrangements and within hours, on New Year’s Eve, when everyone else was partying, you had Tony on a bus to rehab. Had you not talked to Tony, I am not sure he would have gone. By 1:00am New Year’s morning, you had Tony in your care, detoxing, where he spent the next ten days.

To this day, Tony is still clean. His job transferred him and he is still working and trying hard to stay sober. Words cannot express my thanks to you. If not for you, I am sure I would be arranging a funeral for my youngest son, Tony.

Joe, you are my angel here on earth and I thank you with all my heart. With you and your help, you have saved two lives- Tony’s and mine. The death of another son would have killed my soul!”

– Donna J., Charleston, SC

“I came to Delray Beach in December 2009. I have been to other treatment centers, but have never recieved the care that I got at The Delray Recovery Center. The staff is very helpful, especially during such a vital time in recovery. The therapists are truly amazing, and care so deeply about their clients and their wellbeing.”

– Kari C., Los Angeles, CA

“I thank you for everything you do to help these people.

I help people who are critically ill, with life-threatening diseases. It is very rewarding although I cry quite often. All of my clients pass away, usually within months of helping them.

I am always told that when I am old, sitting in my rocking chair, I can look back and say I have done something to help others. You will be able to sit back in your rocking chairs and say you have helped people also. Whereas my clients are passing away, yours are starting to live.”

– Patricia C., Englewood, NJ

“I made the decision to go to the outpatient program and work on my sobriety even more. The therapists there taught me coping techniques, relapse prevention, 12-Step aspects, and how to build my foundation. Without a doubt, this place has helped me out a lot and I would strongly suggest that if you are looking for more in your sobriety life, this would be the place to go.

Striving to get better one day at a time is my goal. My weeks now consist of going to meetings, talking to my sponsor, working the steps with my sponsor, going to work, and participating in other activities to keep myself occupied and happy. I needed a place to let out all of my personal issues and that focused on ME to make sure I knew how to do the right things in recovery life.

The Delray Recovery Center was that place.”

– Chris M., Delray Beach, FL

“Firstly, thank you for allowing me to attend The Delray Recovery Center. I found the program to be inspirational and a great learning curve for me. The Delray Recovery Center convinced me that you are never too old to learn and that a new life is attainable with the solid foundation The Delray Recovery Center has given me.

Upon arriving and seeing the age difference between myself and the other clients, I was convinced that you all had conspired with my wife to lock me away, but all that changed within a couple of days and I found myself listening to my new friends and all the problems they were experiencing with their addictions and life. It really was an eye-opener, and I found out the true meaning of acceptance.

The staff is all first-class and always available to help. Loni is always willing to help and point you in the right direction. She really helped me settle in. Kate is very busy, but never too busy to smile and wish you well. Brett is always there for you and has the patience of a saint. Jessica is always cheery and although I only had two sessions with her, both were very informative. In Chris, you have an outstanding therapist. His way of getting through to clients is second to none. He also will not tolerate any b.s. and doesn’t have a problem calling you on it. Then, there are the techs: John, Megan, Liz, Dan, and Sean. They have all been great and do a fantastic job, especially having to put up with the lot of us.

The Delray Recovery Center has been one of the great experiences of my life. You have given me love and self-belief and allowed me to find the inner me, and connect with my spirituality again. Thank you and all your staff for giving us all the foundations for a better life.”

– Steve B., Norfolk, VA

“The time you’ve given, the hearts you’ve touched, the lives you’ve blessed- these are true gifts from God. Thank you for sharing His love.

I want to thank you for all you do for ‘Kevin’ and others via your program and halfway houses. I thank you for all the support and encouragement you gave to Kevin. It is obvious from my short visit that your program is operates with a staff that is truly caring and compassionate! I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. God Bless You.”

– Kari B., Norwich, CT

“The eating disorder program at The Delray Recovery Center has helped me learn balance in my life. The therapists are very knowledgeable and actually care about the clients on a level like none I’ve seen before. Overall, I’m very grateful for The Delray Recovery Center as a whole, especially the ED program.”

– Stephanie P., Long Island, NY

“The Delray Recovery Center and it’s transitional living facility, New Horizons, is a truly unique operation. The accommodations are well-equipped and very comfortably set in quiet and picturesque surroundings.

Run by true professionals who go out of their way to help, the therapists are second to none and provide everything the recovering alcoholic/addict needs. The daily AA/NA meetings we were taken to at various places in town were very helpful and allowed me to build a strong network of sober supports.

Our trips to the gym kept me productive physically, which increased my sense of well-being and overall health. Not only did The Delray Recovery Center give me a sound base for recovery, it helped me prepare for the outside world upon my completion of the program.

The Delray Recovery Center and New Horizons Transitional Living Community has not only been instrumental to my new way of life, but has helped me begin my process of growing and changing into the man I want to be.”

– James C., Great Neck, NY

“When I first got to DRC I was extremely broken. My younger brother had gotten killed about 6 months before and I was still detoxing heavily off of methadone and alcohol. I was not having anything that the therapists would tell me and I was extremely defiant. Originally when I got to DRC I had it in my head that 30 days would be more then enough treatment for me because, this was my first treatment. I got put with Jen as my therapist, her approach was different then what I was used to but the way she helps me work through a ton of life issues, aside from my drug and alcohol problems was something that will have me forever greatful. After my 30 days were up, I found out that it would be in my best interest to seek further treatment though DRC, at which point I completely humbled myself and dropped my huge ego, and surrendered and accepted the help that was being handed to me. Through the early stages of treatment I got very close to the staff and my piers, who really do care about my well being much more then I thought. I then went on to complete the 90 day program, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I truly thought I was a lost cause on arrival, but through all of the therapy and support that was given to me during one of the hardest times in my life. I came to terms that I WAS worth it. I truly believe that the program DRC provided saved my life, and changed me into a better, sober, man.

– Kevin L.

“I arrived at The Delray Recovery Center from Philadelphia due to consequences from a second DUI charge. My intentions were to avoid going to jail and not to seek recovery from my alcohol addiction. Upon my arrival, I was angry, stubborn, and miserable. My family and friends could hardly tolerate my behaviors or lifestyle choices at that point. I struggled for a while, but during the course of my treatment I began to feel healthier and began to be open to taking advice.

Now, I have been sober for six months. Looking back on my time in treatment, I am grateful for the change that has occurred in my life. My primary therapist was very patient and knew exactly how to treat my condition. One of the benefits to DRC’s program is their long term treatment plan. I needed time to adapt to the idea of sobriety before the psychological changes could occur. The staff was always very kind, even at times when I was not as pleasant. One aspect of treatment that is overlooked is the support given by the techs at the residence. The techs were very instrumental to my recovery, and were always there for me during challenging times. When I first arrived I wanted to leave, but the techs made the adjustment bearable. As I move forward in my career and in my life, I owe a great deal of gratitude to The Delray Recovery Center for giving me the opportunity to pursue a better life.”

– Kyle R., Levittown, PA

“The most important decision I made in my life was picking up the phone and making the call. Bottom line. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t take the opportunity to thank God for making that phone call. Sounds so simple, sounds too easy, too good to be true. That call to an unknown person at The Delray Recovery Center that one dark lonely paranoid morning in early February while I was still actively using started a most incredible journey of sobriety and self-discovery.

I was just using to use…I no longer enjoyed it, I hated myself but I could not stop. I looked at the forty-six-year-old in the mirror and wondered where the loving boy with dreams, who loved family, sports, friends, spirituality, life in general, where did he go? A one time white collared professional alone in his home truly broken. How did I get this way?

That one phone call was my opportunity to talk to a professional. Someone who listened. Someone who answered my questions. Someone who genuinely cared. There were no strings attached and there was no hard sell, only suggestions. I had the opportunity to make an informed decision.

I sobered up and dragged myself into The Delray Recovery Center the next day. I had an opportunity that day to meet with the owner, the clinical director, some therapists and some current clients. Of course I was scared, but at forty-six years old, I did not feel I had anywhere else to turn. I don’t recall much from that day, but I do remember that they cared and they listened. They listened to my needs, honestly answered my concerns, and made me feel like I was a human being – somebody who deserves to be happy, joyous and free. I took a chance and entered the program.

What the program did for me was it gave me some sobriety time, taught me about my disease, and taught me how to live sober a day at a time. During my addiction I really forgot how to live without drugs and alcohol on a daily basis – very humbling to admit but true. It was okay because I was with others just like me, with a staff that cared. In no stretch of the imagination was it easy. But this time I wanted it and The Delray Recovery Center was there every step of the way.

Today I go to sleep excited about what tomorrow will bring. My relationships are solid. My job is going well and the sky is the limit. I am dependable, and most importantly, I am without the bondage of drugs. Honestly, The Delray Recovery Center is the reason I am the man I’ve always wanted to be today. I needed help and they answered the call. For me, being part of the DRC family is my greatest gift. Sounds corny, but DRC is a recovery center with a heart and that made all the difference.”

– Justin C., Ft Lauderdale, FL

“I was addicted to cocaine for quiet a number of years. It had gotten to the point where I was no longer in control. The drug was controlling me and I tried to hide from friends and family. I was miserable.

I was young and single and rejected the idea that it had gotten out of hand. Then one day I heard about The Delray Recovery Center. I got on the internet and saw what they offered, but then I decided I would try to quit on my own.

I FINALLY SAW THAT I was too far gone to quit on my own and made the call to DRC. That was the best decision I had made in a long time.

They had the trained medical staff I needed to get on the road to recovery. They gave me the tools to live a clean and sober life which is indescribably wonderful. I have created a host of new sober friendships which I cherish. I hope to be able to change my entire environment around sober living people, but I know it would not have been possible if not for GOD and the professionals at DRC, and especially Mr. Chris Pasquale. Thank you!”

– Karl S., Anderson, SC

“Before I decided to come to DRC and even after I had been here for a little while, I was insane and miserable. My alcohol and drug use had ruined my life, brought me to my knees and I was willing to come all the way down to Delray Beach, FL from Baltimore, MD for treatment. Right before I cam down here I was kicked out of my parent’s house, fired from a job I loved, and my fiancé threatened to leave me. So without a shadow of a doubt the pain of where I was far exceeded the fear of where I was going. So I changed.

Upon my arrival at DRC, my detox medications were wearing off and the “real” me was coming out. I thought I was so tough, I thought I was so hardcore and I wasn’t going to allow anyone to cross me. But really I was just a little girl with so much pain in me. When I met my therapist, I can’t say I had high expectations; And I’m sure she wasn’t too excited about working with me either. The entire time I was at DRC I wanted to stay sober, but I was just extremely negative and ungrateful. But something changed. My therapist, Jen, cracked me. Thank God for that, because if she hadn’t, I would probably be back home in Baltimore with a needle in my arm once again.

But I am over five months sober, working steps, enjoying life, experiencing gratitude, all on a daily basis. I still see Jen once a week for our therapy sessions, I live at the halfway house, and I go to meetings. It’s incredible the progress I’ve made, I almost forget sometimes. I was bat-shit crazy; I would flip out, scream, slam doors, put holes in walls, and just act insane. I don’t do that anymore. I find no need to. I have a sort of serenity to my life now.

I would hear things like this and would think, “BULLSHIT!” but I’m being 100% honest. I owe my life to DRC. Thanks.”

– Larissa K., Halethorpe, MD

“I highly recommend The Delray Recovery Center for anyone struggling with addition. I have been to other facilities and rank DRC number one. The therapists and staff are terrific. The program is well organized and effective. If you want to change you life for the better this is the place! Today I have hope and faith that I can and will recover from my malady. If you are willing to the work “recovery” then DRC is the place. Today I have my sober life and it’s wonderful! Best of luck to all in your journey.”

– Gerald T., Delray Beach, FL

“Mike Lobert has been both an inspiration and hands-on motivator not only in recovery, but in helping me out in any way possible. His style is quite unique. It was somewhat challenging in the beginning, but I now realize that he had to hit home the major points in my addiction to alcohol and guide me towards a sober life.

I am truly grateful that he was assigned to me when I arrived at DRC. I would hands-down recommend him to any one else seeking the “rigorous honesty” needed to put someone’s life back on track.

I am grateful to Mike Lobert and all the staff at DRC for making this terrible time in my life much more bearable and for for giving me the and inspiration to move foreword into a sober life.”

– Thomas U., Pottstown, PA

“Looking back on my life today, I can tell you I was an addict way before I picked up a drink or drug. I was addicted to attention positive or negative, I was addicted to being the center of attention, I was addicted to being a rebel, getting into trouble and putting myself in situations that were high risk and dangerous. My scandalous reputation led me to bad company and drugs became my medication to avoid all reality.

By the time I was 18, my addiction was very obvious and my parents sent me to rehab in Arizona for 60 days. I went, got them off my back, and soon returned home to using. I went right back to the same people places and things. This routine of rehabs, psych hospitals, and different institutions continued for the next 8-9 years. I was not able to hold a job and nobody wanted me around. I just could not stop using. I tried to get into recovery more times than I can count but always proceeded to do it my way. I blamed everyone else for my troubles with addiction. I blamed my parents’ divorce, my living situation, etc. Looking back on that today, what a fool I was…I was the problem. I hated myself. I hated that I had become the low life drug addict I said I’d ever be, and I was in straight denial. I was a girl that didn’t know the true from the false and I held every single person in my life hostage.

On July 19, I was sitting in a hotel room for a week just getting high experiencing the worst despair ever imagined. My friend intervened and with the little hope I had left, I agreed to give my life one last chance.

I remember walking into DRC and meeting Joe Fiorello. He was so kind and wanted to help me but I proceeded to walk back out and come back in at least 5 times before agreeing to stay for only 30 days. I then decided to do something different. I decided to listen. I listened to my therapist Jen and all the different counselors and techs. I remember the guilt and shame I felt at that time. It was so strong, but no matter how bad I wanted to run, I stayed. I kept doing what I was told to do and started feeling better. I worked hard with Jen and talked about everything from my past. 30 days became 60, and 60 days became 90 and I was still staying, and still listening. I got a sponsor and took all her suggestions. I got a job that I still have today at 5 months and 1 week sober. I am still at New Horizons and attend a meeting almost every night. I work 6 days a week and stay in very close contact with my sponsor. I speak to my mom, dad, and brother regularly but I don’t ask for them to support me; I pay my own way. I pay my rent and buy my own groceries and walk over a mile to and from every day.

Today I have people that I care about. I have a boss that counts on me and trusts me with my own set of keys to the store. I continue to pray for Gods will and don’t look back, I stay in the moment every day. After 6 rehabs and 4 psychiatric hospitals, DRC helped me not only by giving me the tools I need to save my life, but my aiding me to create a life. Thank you DRC. I am forever grateful.”

– Jenn S., Hackensack, NJ

“I was fourteen years old when I started using drugs. I was on vacation with my cousin and she gave me marijuana. I smoked on a daily basis until my older brother introduced me to heroin while I was still fourteen. When I was sixteen I dated a guy who was addicted to heroin and that is when I started using daily. I couldn’t focus on school since I was so concerned about getting money for drugs and not being sick. With all this anxiety I as sent to a psychiatrist who didn’t know about my problem and recommended home schooling. I stayed home with a tutor for two hours a day and then went to get high with my boyfriend. This went on for eight months until we broke up. I immediately found another boyfriend who was involved with drugs. My parents found out about the drug use and sent me to a treatment center in New York for 28 days. I relapsed the day I completed the program. I continued to use drugs for the next two years often having to steal from family and friends to support my habit. I lived with depression shame and anger. I reached the point of thinking about hurting myself, I saw no way out. My parents had kicked me out of the house and my boyfriend’s mother was going to press charges after we stole her jewelry if we did not go to treatment.

My aunt found The Delray Recovery Center and I left Florida on August 31, 2011. Upon arrival I was very anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. After my first few days, I began to calm down and realize how warm and friendly the staff is. My therapist, Jennifer, was wonderful. She guided me in overcoming my fears and anxiety. She helped me gain insight into myself and raise my self-confidence. I learned how to take responsibility for my actions and myself. I learned to cook and clean and be accountable. I was taught my Kate how to write a resume, look for a job, and how to do an interview.

I recently got a job through the skills I learned at The Delray Recovery Center, and I am liking myself a lot more. Through the learning skills component of the program, I am enrolled in the Workforce Alliance, which helps train and educate people in different fields of work. I have hope for the future and would highly recommend anyone who is in need of treatment to be able to share my experience at DRC. I want to thank all of the staff for helping me get my life back.”

– Brittany M., Bloomingburg, NY

“It is with pleasure that I acknowledge the excellence of your facility, New Horizons.

My husband has had a recent stay at your Delray Beach site.

I was so pleased with my visit. Immediately, I notived the neatly groomed grounds and cleanliness of the rooms. It was impressive.

During my husband’s stay, he became very ill and needed emergency medical care. It is impossible to express in words our thanks and appreciation to Brett for his unbelievable job of observation, caring and kindness to him and for his patience with my many phone calls and willingness to assist beyond the call of duty with compassion.

Next, I met Mike, who assisted with the packing. His respectful and helpful manner was also beyond what I expected.

Last but of course not lease, I had a conversation with you Joe.

My gratitude and prayers are with all. God Bless you and have a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.”

– A grateful Wife of a client of New Horizons

“Jesse is very excited and is looking forward to starting the next phase of his recovery. Please let me know if there is anything specific that Jesse needs to bring such as towels or linens. Again, I thank you for everything that you do to help people. I help people who are critically ill with life threatening diseases get medicines that cost thousands of dollars for free. It is very rewarding, although I cry quire often. All of my clients pass away, usually within months of me helping them. I am always told that when I am old and sitting on my rocking chair, I can look back and say I have done something to help others. You will be able to sit back in your rocking chair and say you have helped people also. Where as my clients are passing away, yours are just starting to live. Well, I don’t know why I went on and on like that. Sorry. Thank you again.

– Pam C.

“I want to thank you for all you do for Frank and others via your halfway houses. I thank you for all the support and encouragement you give to frank. It is obvious from my short visit that your program is operated by staff who truly care and are compassionate! I wish you a happy and healthy New Year! God Bless you.”

– Kathleen Brooks

“The New Horizons Facility is a truly unique operation and one I attended. The accommodations are well-equipped and very comfortably set in quiet and picturesque surroundings. Run my true professionals who go out of their way to help. The therapists are second to none and provide everything the recovering alcoholic/addict needs.

Not only does New Horizons give you a sound base for recovery it helps you prepare for the outside world upon completion of this comprehensive program. There are also the daily AA/NA meetings, which are at various outside venues along with trips to the gym. This program keeps you occupied productively throughout your stay.

The New Horizons program has not only been instrumental to my New Way of Life but has been a great experience from which I can only benefit.”

– Robin, Plantation, FL

“Before I came to DRC my life was completely unmanageable. Addiction ran my life and led to the destruction of family, friends and my own life. Relationships were destroyed, especially with my family. Through my addiction to opiates I killed myself. I had one choice left after being hospitalized with a serious heart disease, which was help. I decided to give up the fight and let DRC help me. I called DRC and spoke to a man named Joe Petri. I spoke to him and told him the circumstances I had just went through. Joe and DRC decided to give me the help I needed. DRC and Joe gave me a second chance to get my life back together. I entered the doors of DRC on October 27, 2010 and was blessed with the start of a new beginning. DRC helped me with my own personal problems and gave me knowledge and tools of how to deal with issues as they arise. They were very sensitive and caring of my personal needs and problems. In the first time in my life I feel like I have this disease of addiction under control. Through the therapist here, we were able to change my views and own beliefs of how to live. I have been introduced to a new life thanks to the treatment I have received here. I can honestly say I made the best decision in my life when I picked up the phone and called DRC. This was an intense experience and a roller coaster full of ups and downs, but for the few days of time I gave up to get better was completely worth it. If I could go back and change my whole life, this part of it I wouldn’t change for all of the money in the world. My life is full of love and compassion again. It’s like I am a newborn baby again and I just took my first step with DRC there to catch me and hold my hand before I hit the ground. My name is BLANK and I can say this is the best place to come if you are serious about changing your life. I’d like to thank DRC and its entire staff for all the time and dedication they spent on me.

– Andrew Egan, West Palm Beach, FL

“I am very sorry for the way I acted and how things turned out.
There seems to me that there is somewhat of a communication breakdown. Joyce tells me that I told you I was clean one year. I am certain I told Brett or the young lady (her name escapes me) that I haven’t had a drink since last Christmas Eve but over the last 3-4 years, starting with my surgeries to this day I struggle with pain med.

I know as an addict, this addict is a liar, cheat & thief by nature. From my view I did not intend to mislead you all. But it seems that’s the way it came out. For that I am truly sorry. Bringing drugs onto your property I never thought that I could hurt you and all the good you do. Joyce tells me that you didn’t think I apologized or thanked you for saving my life. I thought that in our conversations that I did more than once. Maybe with the emotions running so high, thinking of just how BAD this could have turned out, you missed it.

But I think this world of you, what you’re doing in helping people . I do owe my life to you, Brett, and Mike, literally, words aren’t enough to express my gratitude, nor could anything in this world. Maybe some day when you run into Mr. Clean & sober you’ll get some thanks from above. Those several days I spent with you has changed something in me, I can’t quite put my finger on it but its good and you guys all had a part. For that my disrespect gratitude belongs to you Joe and Brett and Mike and that young lady who welcomed me with all the grace she had in her.

My wish is that, when the smoke clears that you and I can talk, maybe even become friends. Quality people like yourself I need in my life.”

– Frankie

“Someone shared with me that an ancient philosopher surmised that all we need in this life, after our basic needs of food, water, shelter and clothing are met – is simply each other. What I found at The Delray Recovery Center were people like me, who in some way, were able to help each other heal through a process known as recovery. The Delray Recovery Center uses a multitude of approaches that is personally geared to help an individual gain the tools needed to earn sobriety on their own, through their own journey of recovery. They promote a promise that is notorious in AA/NA, “Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.” The gratitude I have for all of the staff and clients at The Delray Recovery Center is immense and will not soon be forgotten. A friend in sobriety told me that making decisions with clarity and good intentions will lead me to become the man I was meant to be. The first good decision I made was admitting myself to The Delray Recovery Center and staying for 90 days of treatment.

– Ricky T.

“When we arrived on Wednesday, my thoughts were that this Family Session was going to be all about Mary. I never realize my life would be changed forever by the time it was over – and now my work is about to start.

I wanted to thank all of you for your direct, no-nonsense approach and opening our eyes (especially mine) to things I never considered or even imagined about myself.

I’ve experienced many therapists throughout my years, but I have never come across anyone who is as talented as all of you. Your interest and care for each patient are so apparent, and I’m grateful Mary is getting the best possible care and will be provided the tools she needs to lead a sober and productive life.  It’s all up to her.

All the best and MANY THANKS

– Elizabeth W.