Cultivating treatment success with a great team.

Clinical, administrative and executive care is the cornerstone of addiction treatment success, and The Delray Recovery Center boasts one of the best all around teams in the industry. Treatment programs at The Delray Recovery Center are provided under the watchful eye of our Medical Director, a licensed Psychiatrist, and our Clinical Director, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master’s degree in Counseling. Each of The Delray Recovery Center’s therapists has extensive clinical training and experience in the fields of addiction, eating disorder, or substance abuse treatment.

Medical & Clinical Staff

Dr Darryl Appleton
Dr. Darryl Appleton, M.D., D. ABSM, ABPN
Medical Director
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“The Delray Recovery Center crew is a great group of people who are willing to help if you are willing to change.”

Sarah Gentry
Sarah Gentry, LMHC, CAP
Clinical Director
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Michael Herbert, CAC, CASAC, ICADC
Director of Program Development
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Wendy L. Richardson
Wendy L. Richardson, LMHC
Primary Therapist
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Rocio P. Siska, MS, CAP
Primary Therapist
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Brett Riolo
Brett Riolo
Director of Facilities
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Verna Lucas Client Services Coordinator
Verna Lucas
Client Services Coordinator
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Chad Royse Koller, CAS, CHES
Client Services Coordinator
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Administrative Staff

Joseph Petri
Joseph Petri, CAT, CAC, CNDAI
Chief Executive Officer
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Peter Walstrom
Peter Walstrom
Chief Financial Officer
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“The 5-Phase Step Down Model provides a comprehensive continuum of care for our clients at the highest level.”

“The Delray Recovery Center is the standout premium addiction treatment center in the nation- the staff and facilities are second to none.”

Jon Neelands
Jon Neelands
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Shelby Tessar
Shelby Tessar
Director of Human Resources
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Outreach Staff

Kathryn Petri
Kathryn Petri
Director of Marketing
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Britt Bonner
Britt Bonner
Director of Clinical Outreach
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“The Delray Recovery Center uses the most advanced techniques and treatments available, and is always looking for improvements.”

“The respectful and helpful manner of The Delray Recovery Center staff was beyond what I expected.”

Chris Pasquale
Christopher Pasquale, CAP, ICADC
Director of Admissions
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Veronica Woodbury
Veronica Woodbury
Director of Social Media