Individual CounselingBased on each individual’s clinical needs, treatment programs are created from a broad curriculum and a variety of holistic, traditional, and alternative treatment options, consisting of:

  • Group counseling sessions
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Holistic therapy
  • 12-Step workshops
  • Life skills workshops
  • Educational seminars
  • And other therapeutic offerings

All designed to enhance the sober experience and increase the chances of success in sobriety.

At The Delray Recover Center, we offer various psychological services in group and individual settings:

  • CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) is a form of psychotherapy used to help people identify negative thoughts, cope with challenging situations, and create managed responses that are both healthy and effective.
  • Existential Therapy focuses on the idea that our existence is never at a standstill; rather we are constantly recreating and improving ourselves. We move forward with self-awareness, freedom, responsibility, self-identification, and the development of purpose.
  • Gestalt Therapy focuses on cohesively integrating all dimensions of the individual’s personality to promote self- awareness and healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Narrative Therapy centers on the idea that past experiences directly affect how the individual views and identifies him or herself. This therapy aims to evaluate the accuracy of past perceptions and make positive changes to promote self-esteem and healthy identity.
  • Person-Centered Therapy focuses on expanding self-awareness and discovering new ways of life that are both healthy and personally fulfilling.
  • Psychoanalytic Theory explores the early years of one’s life as a heavy influence on current personality functioning.
  • Reality Objectification aims to objectify the individual’s views of the external world, enabling them to react in a healthy and responsible manner to all situations and circumstances beyond their control.
  • REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) enables an individual to identify irrational thought patterns and replace them with healthy and rational ways of thinking.

We Can Help

The Delray Recovery Center approach is to evaluate, understand, and treat each person on an individual basis. We believe that allowing the individual the time to fully achieve goals in each phase strengthens and deepens the absorption of these new attitudes and behaviors, encourages reinforcement in a stable and safe environment, and provides a better diagnosis post-acute withdrawal of underlying conditions including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders.

Individuals are welcome to stay even after having completed the program, allowing each person time to develop confidence in their sobriety and coping techniques needed for the transition from rehab to daily life in society.