Our Commitment

The Delray Recovery Center staff is committed to helping each individual develop the necessary life strategies and skills to sustain sobriety. At The Delray Recovery Center, you won’t acquire those skills through lengthy lectures and tedious reading materials. It will happen through beneficial treatment programs and activities that all clients participate in, in one way or another.

Exciting Programs and Activities are Key

At The Delray Recovery Center, we mix in new and exciting programs and activities each week so that participants not only maintain interest in their current treatment but also grow and engage in fresh accomplishments. We use a combination of interactive education, counseling, hands-on workshops, and engaging activities such as art therapy, exercise, and exciting excursions, to provide the foundation for recovery and a framework for a lifetime of health, sobriety, and happiness.

Innovative Programs and Activities our Guests can Expect

Individual Addiction Counseling

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided by experienced clinicians with expertise in the field of alcohol and substance abuse and co-occurring disorders including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Learn more in this free Narrative Therapy e-book


Narrative Therapy for Addiction Recovery E-Book

Group Meetings Aid Recovery Process

Group Therapy

Skilled clinicians lead interactive group therapy sessions focusing on disease concept education, spirituality workshops, trauma, cognitive distortions, coping skills, relapse prevention, self-esteem, stress management, anger management, codependency, communication skills, defense mechanisms, goal-setting and family issues.

Spirituality Workshops

Spirituality Workshops

Individuals are encouraged to explore their own personal views of life. Experienced professionals provide guidance to question and discover spirituality, religion and nature in an environment free of judgment.

Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Art Therapy

When words fail to describe or express our thoughts and feelings, art therapy creates a new line of communication for creative self-discovery. With an eye turned inward, art therapy uses the line, form, space, texture, color and music as a unique and expressive new language.

Learn more in this free Art Therapy e-book


Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery E-Book

Supporting One Another in Addiction Recovery

Therapy-based Excursions

Special activities outside of traditional therapy sessions offer unique therapeutic opportunities. Excursions may include exciting outdoor adventures, relaxing hikes to the beach, or community service activities.

Healthy Breakfast Develops New Lifestyle

Healthy Meal Planning

Learning how to plan and create nutritious meals is a cornerstone to healthy living. Armed with healthy ingredients selected during market visits, individuals will not only learn which ingredients to select but also how to prepare healthy and satisfying foods.


Health and Wellness Program

Health and wellness are critical foundations to overall well-being. At The Delray Recovery Center, we employ enjoyable, beneficial programs and activities such as:  therapeutic massage, supervised gym workouts, softball, basketball, and group sports activities.

Exercise at CrossFit™ Delray Beach

In addition to gym workouts, clients may choose to attend customized workout sessions at CrossFit™ Delray Beach. These advanced workouts have been tailored specifically for our program by CrossFit™, are guided by professional trainers, and take place in the Delray Beach CrossFit™ facility. The Integrated Recovery Program gives the clients the ability to challenge themselves physically as well as mentally and achieve incremental goals, while in a safe, supervised setting.

rTMS Therapy for Depression and Substance Abuse

The Delray Recovery Center is one of the first drug and alcohol treatment centers to offer the new, ground breaking NeuroStar® Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) Therapy System. The innovative rTMS therapy is a non-invasive, non-drug medical device cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

rTMS Therapy works by targeting the striatum, a particular part of the brain thought to be involved with habit memory and autonomic or unconscious processes involved in craving behaviors and cue-related relapse (including how the environment around you can bring on relapse).

By stimulating this area of the brain, rTMS can be useful in modifying cravings as well as preventing relapse. rTMS therapy usually involves 20 consecutive treatment sessions over a 4-week period (usually a 45-minute treatment session daily).

Our experience shows that most clients notice a positive response within the first few treatments. During a stay at The Delray Recovery Center, a client may choose to add this innovative therapy, which can be seamlessly woven into their treatment plan.

Learn more in this free rTMS Therapy e-book


Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery E-Book

We Can Help

Addiction can be overcome, and many individuals take the path towards sobriety. The path requires honesty, commitment, guidance and support. The Delray Recovery Center provides solid guidance and unwavering support. The individual brings the honesty and commitment. Contact us today to start your family’s healing.