Here you will find a comprehensive list of addiction treatment frequently asked questions. If you still have questions after review please contact us and we will be happy to answer your additional questions.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction FAQs

Why is inpatient treatment necessary?
Inpatient addiction treatment provides a controlled environment, to allow the type of professional supervision and personal safety often required for those who desire healing from addiction. These individuals may face overwhelming urges without sufficient support, and residential treatment is an effective way to break habits while learning more about oneself and how to be successful long-term.

The treatment programs at The Delray Recovery Center are designed to provide a foundation for recovery and a framework for a healthy lifestyle. Our integrative treatment program, based on a five phase “step-down model”, provides a comprehensive continuum of care. The first phase is the most structured and intensive; and each phase thereafter offers more freedom. Each individual moves at his or her own speed through the different levels of the treatment process.

Why can’t I do this on my own?

Admissions to The Delray Recovery Center

What is the cost?
Does The Delray Recovery Center accept health insurance?
How do I begin the admissions process?

Staying at our Treatment Center

What should I bring with me upon admission to DRC?
What is the average length of stay?
Where will I live while attending The Delray Recovery Center?
What amenities are offered?
Is it possible to have visitors?
Will I be drug tested?
Is smoking or tobacco use permitted?

Questions About Treatment

What does a typical day include?
Is there an on-site psychiatrist?
Is treatment personalized to meet my individual concerns?
Do you offer religion or spirituality-focused treatment?
Is family involved in treatment?

Aftercare and Long-Term Success

How do you accommodate and treat clients with a history of relapse?
Will after-care treatment be provided and how does it work?