What does dual diagnosis mean?

Using the simplest terms possible, “dual diagnosis” describes the condition of an individual when they are suffering with a mental illness and substance dependency. The need to understand the individual’s personality is critical whenever dual diagnosis addiction treatment is being considered.

Additionally, addiction rehab programs will differ greatly from one treatment and recovery center to the next. Therefore, it is critical for this disorder to be diagnosed properly in order to treat it correctly.

Proper Diagnosis Matters

The importance of properly diagnosing the client is critical to any program that we recommend here at the Delray Recovery Center. If brain or personality disorders are mis-diagnosed or overlooked, this could have dire consequences for the client.

For instance, if the client suffers from acute depression, they should not be treated with any medications that could produce depression as a side effect. The client could develop severe suicidal tendencies, which could make the treatment and recovery process ineffective.

The treatment of dual diagnosis addiction

It can be extremely challenging for the person suffering with dual diagnosis to find the professional help that they need. That is why we developed our dual diagnosis addiction treatment program.問診をする医師 We realize that dual diagnosis can affect each individual differently hence the need for a more innovative form of treatment that can be customized in order to address the personal needs of each client.

We know that clients oftentimes self-medicate themselves in order to alleviate their underlying mental conditions (e.g. anxiety, depression, or trauma) when they are suffering with dual diagnosis. This substance abuse can lead to other problems such as their sleeping patterns which can interfere with the individual’s emotional, mental, and physical functions. Our dual diagnosis addiction treatment was designed and developed to treat this condition without using psychotropic medications.

Each Person is Unique… So is the Treatment

We treat each individual as a unique personality with a different set of reasons that led to the addiction and the mental illness. With customized programs and treatment methods, each of the individual’s assessment of dual diagnosis is done.

Our team of addiction specialists and psychologists, work together for the treatment of addiction and mental ailments such as:

  • schizophrenia
  • depression
  • bi-polar disorder
  • personality disorder
  • hysteria
  • mania
  • obsessive disorders
  • psychotic disorders

Though it has still not been found whether the drug or alcohol addiction is due to the mental illness or vice versa, we know that treatment of both the afflictions is important.

Let Delray Help Today

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this condition and are looking for professional help, we encourage you to contact the Delray Recovery Center immediately. Either call us today at the toll-free phone number listed above. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.