A brief overview of the holistic approach to drug addiction

When holistic medicine is used to treat drug addiction and help an individual recover from it, it focuses on the body, mind, and spirit of the individual and digs into those issues underlying the addiction. Alternative holistic drug treatment therapies include acupressure or acupuncture, meditation, and yoga where detox and recovery from addiction is concerned. It is based on cultural and historical traditions instead of scientific evidence.

The Five Phase Step-Down Model

The Delray Recovery Center has always believed that any individual suffering with an addiction to drugs deserves a chance to regain their health and live substance-free. That is why we developed our Five Phase Step-Down Model, an integrative treatment program that is based on a 5-phase technique that provides the suffering individual with a comprehensive continuum of care.

The activities and programs involved in holistic drug treatment

The Delray Recovery Center has long realized the effectiveness and success of any holistic drug treatment program is partially based on the activities and programs that are provided by the facility that offers them. The following are some of the innovative activities and programs that our facility provides our clients with as they attempt to overcome drug addiction so they can return home to live substance-free:

  • Art Therapy – creates an innovative type of communication for creative self-discovery when words cannot describe our feelings and thoughts.
  • Group and Individual Therapy – group therapy involves interaction with your fellow peers and is the basis of group therapy while individual therapy is a one-on-one approach used to address underlying causes of addiction which includes anxiety, depression, and other personality disorders.
  • Health and Wellness Program – critical foundations to the individual’s overall well-being which includes beneficial and enjoyable activities such as basketball, group sports, softball, supervised gym workouts, therapeutic massage, and yoga.
  • Healthy Meal Planning – the Delray Recovery Center knows that the cornerstone to healthy living involves learning how to plan and create meals that are nutritious and contain the healthiest of ingredients.
  • Spirituality Workshop – the individual is encouraged to explore their faith and rekindle their spirituality in a judgment-free environment.
  • Therapy-Based Excursions – unique therapeutic opportunities that include AA/NA meetings, community service, exciting outdoor adventures, going to the movies, and hikes to a nearby beach.
  • Holistic Drug Treatment Detox – detoxification is a process wherein the individual rids their bodies of the alcohol toxins resulting from their addiction as well as any other residues that may exist. It is the most difficult and unpleasant stage of the holistic drug treatment and recovery process.

Medications such as Clonidine and Suboxone are administered in order to counteract the level of drugs in their bodies and the withdrawal symptoms that occur by stabilizing the individual and their vital systems while helping them to live without substances.

Psychological services offered at Delray

Holistic drug treatment includes treating every client on an individual basisIn order for any type of holistic drug treatment to be effective and have a higher rate of recovery success, there are certain psychological services that must be provided so the client benefits as much as possible. At The Delray Recovery Center, we provide a variety of innovative psychological therapies to assist in the recovery process. Examples of these helpful therapies include:

  • Client-centered therapy
  • Existential therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Psychoanalytic therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Our approach involves evaluating, understanding, and treating every client on an individual basis which helps them to achieve their unique, personal goals by deepening their absorption and strengthening new attitudes and behaviors. This aids in creating a safe and stable environment for the individual to live in.

The importance of aftercare

Many individuals do not realize how critical the aftercare stage of holistic drug treatment is where total recovery from addiction is concerned. There are numerous challenges that the individual is bound to face when they return home to society after undergoing addiction treatment and recovery. Building a support network is beneficial especially when it comes to finding a job again and rekindling past relationships. Some of the questions that oftentimes arise are:

By applying their newly acquired skills clients can transition back into society successfully

By applying their newly acquired skills clients can transition back into society successfully

  • How do I find those old friends who shunned me for drug use?
  • How do I reconnect with old friends who were users?
  • Who can I depend on for support?
  • Who will consider me for a job after rehabilitation?

The individual may experience a great deal of anxiety when trying to answer these questions. By applying their newly acquired skills, they will have no issues when maintaining their substance-free lifestyle nor will they have the fear of relapsing back into their addiction.

If you or a loved one has been suffering with substance abuse, addiction, or dependency and would like to find a holistic drug treatment program that effectively addresses your clinical and personal needs consider contacting The Delray Recovery Center. Call us at the toll-free phone number listed above for more information regarding our facility and these highly effective programs. Our addiction specialists are always available to answer all of your questions.