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My life is full of love and compassion again. – Andrew Egan, West Palm Beach, FL – Recovering from opiate addiction

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One new, innovative option for getting help with drug and alcohol issues is the holistic rehab clinic. These clinics differ from traditional rehabilitation centers in that they strive to address addiction issues in terms of mind, body and spirit. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, and holistic clinics put forward a comprehensive approach to healing and recovery.

The mind, body and spirit connection is an intricate one. All three interact with one another. When one or more of them is out of balance, it inevitably affects all of the others. Holistic drug rehab clinics strive to promote harmony among body, mind and spirit as substance abuse issues are addressed.

Delray Recovery Center activities & programs

One of the more important aspects of any holistic drug rehab program is the quality of activities and programs that it offers. These activities and programs are critical to supporting the person’s recovery from substance abuse, addiction, and dependency while they prepare for transitioning back into society. New and exciting activities are mixed into the holistic drug rehab program so the individual remains focused and interested in their recovery. We also want them to be involved in fresh and positive accomplishments.


Another sentiment of gratitude from one of our clients

One of the greatest experiences of my life.
– Steve B., Norfolk, VA – Recovering from opiate addiction


Our Detox program

Before the individual can start to experience true recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, they must complete the detoxification stage of our Holistic drug rehab program. Detox involves ridding the body of all the toxins created by their addiction while at the same time being under the care, monitoring, and supervision of a medical professional on an around-the-clock basis.

With this assistance taken into consideration, the individual is kept comfortable so that detox is more manageable. This is also the reason why you should never attempt detox on your own as this can be potentially harmful and very dangerous. Medically supervised detox is the most comfortable and safest way to assist the individual through this stage of addiction treatment and recovery so they can progress into the ensuing stages.

Alcohol detox addresses bringing the addicted individual’s system back to normal after having the substance in their bodies for an ongoing, long-term basis. Precautions are taken against severe health issues which can turn fatal without medical care and supervision. Medications such as Clonadine and Suboxone are oftentimes used in drug detox to reduce and relieve withdrawal symptoms. These stabilize the individual’s vital systems while at the same time helping them to adjust to a life without drugs.

Yet another success

I think the world of you and what you’re doing to help people. I do owe my life to you.
– Brian T., Philadelphia, PA – Recovering from prescription drug addiction

Our psychological services

Depending on the clinical and personal needs of the individual, the Holistic drug rehab program is comprised of a broad range of alternative, Holistic, and traditional options. These services consist of 12-Step workshops, educational seminars, group and individual counseling sessions, Holistic therapies, and life skills workshops to enhance their new, substance-free lifestyle.

The Delray Recovery Center utilizes a variety of treatment and recovery therapies during the group and individual counseling sessions including the following 7:

  1. Existential Therapy – focuses on improving and recreating ourselves instead of remaining at a standstill where our existence is concerned.
  2. Gestalt Therapy – cohesive integration of all personality dimensions of the individual in order to promote healthier coping mechanisms and self-awareness.
  3. Narrative Therapy – focuses on the concept that experiences of our past directly impacts how we identify and visualize ourselves. The intent of this therapy is to evaluate past self-perceptions while making positive changes that will promote a healthy identity and enhance our self esteem.
  4. Person-Centered Therapy – focuses on discovering newer, healthier, and personally fulfilling ways of expanding our self-awareness.
  5. Psychoanalytic Therapy – explores how the earlier years of the individual’s life have influenced the current function of their personality.
  6. Reality Objectification – this helps the individual objectify their personal views of the external world around them while at the same time enabling them to react in a healthy and responsible manner to circumstances and situations that are beyond their control.
  7. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) – enables the addicted individual to irrational thought patterns and then replaces them with healthier, more rational ways of thinking in the future.

True recovery for the addicted individual begins once they have completed our Delray Recovery Center Holistic drug rehab program and are going to return home to their community. There are a number of challenges that will arise once they are returned to society which may produce considerable anxiety and stress for the individual. For all individuals who have completed one of our addiction treatment and recovery programs, the aftercare stage is an important step towards total recovery.

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They gave me the tools to live a clean and sober life which is indescribably wonderful.
– Karl S., Anderson, SC – cocaine addiction

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