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The Problem At Hand

If you or somebody you know needs help with addiction in the Sunshine State, there are many Florida drug rehab options available. The key is finding the right facility for you or your loved one so that the best possible help can be received.

While Florida is very well known for its tropical climate, warm weather, wetland wildlife and beautiful beaches, many people don’t know that the state has some of the highest numbers of people battling addiction. As a result, there are plentiful options for those seeking help with substance abuse issues.

Overcoming Addiction at The Delray Recovery Center

Addiction is a complex issue and any “quick-fix” type of solution is most likely not the answer. Claims of “instant rehab” methods should be regarded with doubt and suspicion at best. The Delray Recovery Center can help cultivate a whole new perspective on the addiction that controls an individual’s life. As part of our addiction treatment program, the client can participate in healing group therapy, counseling, and individual activities in an effort to successfully recover from addiction and begin a drug-free life.

Addiction must be addressed:





All of these areas of life affect one another, and the ideal treatment center will be able to give attention to all of these areas.

True, lasting transformation requires treating addiction from the inside out, holistically. Very often the addiction is a manifestation of inner issues, sort of a symptom of repressed or past pain that has not yet been addressed and healed.


Quitting alcohol or other drugs “cold turkey” can result in a variety of physical withdrawal symptoms. The rehab center will be able to prescribe medication to ease these symptoms and make the detoxification process as smooth and comfortable as possible. The client is monitored by trained medical staff, so a rehab facility is by far the safest place to engage the detoxification process.

Talk Therapy

The therapist and the client together will “peel away the layers of the onion,” so to speak, in order to get to the root of the problem. There is usually a core anxiety that is causing the person to self-medicate, to numb their feelings. The anxiety always has a cause – it could be childhood trauma or trauma experienced later in life which has not yet been processed and healed.

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Our addiction treatment facility can provide you with a program customized to address your personal needs. Our programs are a blend of alternative, holistic, and traditional therapies based on the clinical needs of each individual.

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