The need for more targeted drug rehab programs

Catholic Drug RehabAs substance addiction has continued to evolve into the serious public health threat that it is today, addiction treatment and recovery programs have had to evolve with it in order to successfully treat the individual to full recovery from addictions.  But the harsh reality is the latter has not happened.  Even though there have been advancements in treatment methods and recovery therapies over the past couple decades, there were still some shortcomings that had to be dealt with.

One of the areas that has gained more focus is the concept of faith-based or spiritual drug rehab programs, especially Catholic drug rehab programs.  This type of program focuses on the specific spiritual needs of the individual who has spent many years in the Catholic faith only to have their addictions block them from their spiritual path. The right faith-based drug rehab program enables them to recover and return to the spiritual path that they once walked.

How are Catholic drug rehab programs different?

There are several elements in the Catholic drug rehab program that are similar to what you would find in other addiction treatment and recovery programs.  However, the following elements are also offered and will not always be found in the other programs:

  • 12-Step Programs that are faith-based
  • Bible study sessions including scriptural teaching
  • Candlelit prayer and reflection sessions
  • Catholic church services
  • Ministerial or pastoral Counseling
  • Ministerial or pastoral led lectures and sermons that are based in the Catholic faith

Although no two Catholic drug rehab programs are totally identical, the above elements are very common in most of them.

The primary benefits

The key benefits to the Catholic drug rehab program is that it enhances the recovery process so that the client recovers successfully and remains substance-free for life.  Additionally, certain cognitive therapies are employed during the recovery process that benefits the client in the following ways:

  • Catholic-based drug rehabilitation therapies
  • Support through 12-Step, self-Discovery, and self-Inventory therapies
  • Targeted and cognitive Holistic therapies

Remember that the goal of any addiction treatment and recovery program is seeing the client return home to their communities so that they can live substance-free for the rest of their lives.  In addition to this, the Catholic drug rehab program also enables the individual to return to the spiritual path that their addictions had once blocked.

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