The number one goal of a treatment center is to help clients overcome their addiction.The best way to treat an addiction varies from person to person. That’s why our drug rehab program is a personal program. We develop individual treatment programs that take into account the client, their history, their needs, and their personality.Expert professionals work with clients to provide premium treatment that leads to a real, lasting recovery.
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Finding a Rehab Program That Works

Situated on the beautiful South Florida coast, our private facility specializes in treating alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders. We also treat associated disorders like depression, anxiety, trauma, sleep disorder and bipolar disorder. Treatment is provided by a professional team of psychiatrists, therapists and physicians.

Rediscovering life and happiness is the goal of any individual seeking effective drug rehabilitation. Since addiction is a very personal problem, it requires a personal program to overcome it. Some treatment facilities simply won’t work for certain individual needs. People come from varied backgrounds, family problems, legal issues and physical capabilities. What inspires one person to move toward recovery may not work for another.

For example, our recovery center offers many different goal-oriented programs. Some clients require serenity, a time to rediscover their faith and confidence. Long walks coupled with beautiful scenery and extensive counseling may be the key to their successful recovery.

Palm Trees Outside Florida Rehab

One of the greatest experiences of my life

Steve B., Norfolk, VA – Recovering from opiate addiction

Family Support in Addiction

Knowing that the family offers support and love outside of the rehab center program is an important part of getting well again.

Family Support During Drug Rehab

Drug rehab isn’t a solo journey. Clients have the support of our expert team, and in many cases, their family. We welcome family to be a part of an individual treatment plan at The Delray Recovery Center.

We know that family support and love outside of the program is an important part of achieving lasting recovery. We want our clients to heal broken relationships and we want their families to know the new, sober person they have become.

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The focus of the treatment should be one of support for the client’s individual needs in the program and afterwards when they re-enter and adjust to a normal life again.

Other Therapies We Offer

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This teaches that we are never at a standstill, but always recreating and improving ourselves. Residents discover a new sense of freedom, responsibility and purpose.
Offers help for individuals to achieve wholeness by identifying and integrating all aspects of personality.
These techniques teach how past experiences impact present functioning. Past perceptions are reevaluated to create a positive identity.
This expands awareness of healthy and fulfilling ways to live, while Reality Objectification therapy helps individuals to objectify the world and develop a healthy response to situations beyond their control.

Personalized Treatment Options

Spiritual Addiction Recovery
We also offer individual rehab programs that are faith-based for clients who want the diagnosis, treatment and recovery time, and well as a behavioral therapy that includes classes based on different religious faiths.

Once the detox period has passed, it may require the continued services of a physicians or professional staff, as well as group support meetings to continue through the recovery period.

Innovative Drug Rehab Procedures

Whatever type of program the client requires, The Delray Recovery Center will include an evaluation and assessment before, during and after the program, along with detoxification, individual or group counseling, family intervention, and professional support. In addition, a personalized program can also offer a gym with personal trainers, yoga classes, massage therapy and specialized diets served in a group setting or private room.
We offer many innovative recovery procedures designed to fit individual needs required to overcome addiction. While some clients want complete privacy during the drug rehab period, others need social interaction. Finding a program that provides each client with the most effective path to success is our number one goal.
They gave me the tools to live a clean and sober life which is indescribably wonderful.
Karl S., Anderson, SC

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