how to do a drug interventionWhat is an Intervention?

A group meeting of family members, friends, and loved ones that is held in order to confront an individual about their addictive behavior is referred to as an intervention. Although you can perform this without professional assistance, it is recommended that you consult an interventionist about how to do a drug intervention and even involve them in it.

The goal is to get the individual to admit that they have a drug problem and then get them the professional help they need. When an individual is suffering with drug abuse, addiction, or dependency, they are not only destroying their mental and physical health, they emotionally devastate those around them who are watching the person sink lower and lower into their problem with drugs.

When an individual is suffering with these issues, they are destroying numerous relationships in their lives as well as losing numerous opportunities to live their lives without being controlled by a particular addictive substance.

Staging the Intervention

In order to learn how to do a drug intervention, you have to understand how to stage the intervention. Typically, the individual is going to react to the intervention in one of two ways.

  1. The best case scenario is that the individual agrees with the group and decides to get professional help.
  2. The worst case scenario is that they become combative and eventually walk out of the intervention with no intention of entering a rehab program.

Some Suggestions Regarding How to do a Drug Intervention:

  1. Make sure the intervention is the final option – learning the signs of drug abuse, addiction, and dependency is critical so that you can identify whether or not a problem exists.
  2. Form the intervention group – you should contact the family members, loved ones, and close personal friends of the person in question.
  3. Contact an interventionist to help you out – or to provide you with some professional advice or suggestions on what you should and shouldn’t do during the intervention. You can search online by visiting the National Intervention Referral website in order to locate an interventionist in your city.
  4. Determine the place and time for staging the intervention – this will enable everyone on the group list to be in attendance. Remember, the individual suffering with drug abuse, addiction, or dependency is a walking time bomb that could go off anytime. So, the sooner you can plan the intervention, the better off the addicted individual will be.
  5. Consider getting counseling – as one of the key figures in the addicted persons life, you are most likely in need of help yourself so don’t overlook doing this.

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