The Problem

Alcohol and drug addiction are among the most highly treatable health conditions. If your life has been affected by addiction, you know the control it exerts over a loved one who’s abusing alcohol or drugs. You may have confronted a friend or family member about their drug abuse, or you may have finally admitted to yourself that a problem exists. But knowing that it’s necessary to stop doesn’t make the process of doing so any easier. Many people try to quit using drugs or alcohol on their own or with the help of someone who cares about them, but quitting without a professional addiction detox program can lead to serious consequences.

Professional Help Works

With the assistance of a professional medical facility, the risks of detox are drastically reduced and detox becomes much more manageable. Under no circumstances should an individual attempt to detoxify themselves, as this can be extremely dangerous. By enlisting the help of a medical detox facility, we can thoroughly assess your current condition and provide a custom detox program specifically suited to give you the safest and most comfortable detoxification possible.

The Phases and Benefits of Our Professional Detox

  • Becoming Drug or Alcohol-Free. During the first three to four days of detoxification, your body will be weaned off of drugs or alcohol. This important first step toward becoming drug or alcohol free is also the first phase of the recovery process. Since medical personnel are present around the clock, you can rest assured that safety is of the utmost importance.
  • Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms. It’s common to experience withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification phase. The medical staff overseeing your detox will administer medication as needed and use other techniques to help you work  through tremors, headaches, sweating, chills nausea and other symptoms to keep you as comfortable as possible.
  • Relief From Cravings while Regaining Health. As your body becomes free of the toxins in drugs and alcohol, you’ll begin to experience less cravings. Combined with round-the-clock medical care, healthy food and rest, you’ll begin to slowly regain your health during the detox phase.
  • Transitioning to the Next Phase of Treatment. Once your body is free from drugs or alcohol, you’ll be ready to transition into the next phase of treatment. Individual and group counseling will be vital parts of this treatment as you learn about and address the issues causing and exacerbating your addiction.

Alcohol Detox

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Alcohol detox is a process by which a heavy drinker’s system is brought back to normal after having had alcohol in the body on a continual basis. Certain drugs such as alcohol and benzodiazepines must be eliminated slowly, following a strict medical protocol. Abrupt withdrawal from long-term alcohol addiction without medical supervision and management can cause severe health problems and can even be fatal.

Drug Detox

Drug detox is used to reduce or relieve the withdrawal symptoms of the individual under a supervised setting. This may be achieved by using medications such as Suboxone, which counteract the effect of declining levels of illicit drugs in the body. These medications will stabilize the individual’s vital systems and help them to adjust to living without drug use.

Addiction Detox is not the same as treatment. Rather, detoxification is the starting point for addicted individuals starting on their journey of recovery. Clients will usually find that within a few days of their detoxification, they are thinking more clearly and feeling more emotionally stable. Once this stage is entered, the addiction treatment may begin.

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Trust that our medical team will make the detox process as painless and comfortable as possible. Your case will be individually assessed and diagnosed by our experienced doctors, who will determine the right way to detox you or your loved one as safely as possible. The first step in starting your new life is to eliminate the remaining drugs from your body, so that the recovery process may begin. It is important that drug detoxification be done in a medically supervised setting, where proper medications and care can be given to offer you the safest and most comfortable detox experience.

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