Eating Disorders Can Be Devastating

The circuitous nature of eating disorders can be devastating for the suffering individuals and difficult for family and friends to understand. The physical effects brought on by abnormal eating habits such as binging, purging, and starving are merely symptoms of a complex disorder that begins primarily at an emotional and mental level. Because of this, recovery from an eating disorder must treat the underlying emotional and mental causes as well as regaining physical health and wellness through balanced nutrition and lifestyle. If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, support is within reach.

How The Program Works

The “Courage to HealEating Disorder Program at Delray Recovery Center is a professional treatment program designed for individuals suffering from the full range of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating.

The “Courage to Heal” program draws from a comprehensive curriculum and variety of treatment options to create a customized plan based on each individual’s specific clinical needs. These customized plans are developed through the collaborative efforts of Delray Recovery Center’s experienced and dedicated team of psychiatrists, therapists, and physicians.

Programs and Activities Guests can Expect During Treatment:

  • Individual Therapy – Individual therapy is provided by an experienced clinician who has experience within the field of alcohol and substance abuse and with all co-occurring disorders associated with addiction such as depression, anxiety, and certain personality disorders.
  • Group Therapy – Skilled clinicians lead interactive group therapy sessions focusing on disease concept education, spirituality workshops, trauma, cognitive distortions, coping skills, relapse prevention, self-esteem, stress management, anger management, codependency, communication skills, defense mechanisms, goal-setting, and family issues.
  • Therapy Based Excursions – Special activities outside of traditional therapy sessions offer unique therapeutic opportunities. Excursions may range from movies at local theatres and AA/NA meetings to exciting outdoor adventures.
  • Art Therapy – When words fail to describe or express our thoughts and feelings, art therapy creates a new line of communication for creative self discovery. With an eye turned inward, art therapy uses the line, form, space, texture, color, and music as a unique and expressive new language.
  • Health and Wellness Program – Health and wellness are critical foundations to overall wellbeing. At Delray Recovery Center, we employ beneficial activities such as yoga,  therapeutic massage, supervised gym workouts, softball, basketball, and group sports activities.
  • Healthy Meal PlanningHealthy Meal Planning – Learning how to plan and create nutritious meals is a cornerstone to healthy living. Armed with healthy ingredients selected during grocery store or market visits, individuals will not only learn which ingredients to select but also how to prepare healthy and satisfying foods.
  • Spirituality Workshop – In this program, individuals are encouraged to explore their own personal views of life. Experienced professionals provide guidance to question and discover spirituality, religion, and nature in an environment free of judgment.
  • Daily Weights and Vitals – Each morning we take special care to ensure our program participants are moving toward a healthier mind and body by taking weight measurements and checking vital signs, all of which are reviewed by a registered doctor or nurse.

Let Us Help

Delray Recovery Center understands eating disorders. We have the needed experience to deal with this difficult situation. Eating disorders affect more than just the individual, it affects their family and friends as well. Trust in our expertise to get you and your loved one back on the road to recovery, and leading a healthy more fulfilled life. If you or a loved one is dealing with an eating disorder contact us today. Simply pick up the phone and call the toll-free number on this page, or fill out the quick and easy form and we will contact you promptly.