Celebrity Drug Addiction

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Kelly Osbourne on Her Addiction to Vicodin

Following a relatively minor surgery, Kelly received liquid Vicodin. This marks the beginning of her addiction to the drug.

Elton John’s Memoir Details His Road to Recovery

Elton John makes it clear that he regrets his use of drugs and alcohol. He said that he wasted that time in his life because all he worried about was cocaine.

Eric Clapton on Life After a $16,000-A-Week Drug Habit

Now sober for 25 years, the singer looks back on his 67 years of life and wonders how he was able to survive drug and alcohol addiction.

Steven Tyler Now Rocking Without Drugs

Steven Tyler, the lead singer and front man for the famous rock group Aerosmith, is an inspiring figure for men and women looking for help with drug or alcohol addictions.

Samuel L. Jackson Fought Years of Addiction and Became an Inspiration

Despite his success in the film industry, Samyuel L. Jackson's lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse ultimately led to seeking help from a rehab facility.

Dwain Chambers Fight Against Drug Abuse

After being caught for drug abuse, the Olympian was banned from participating in the Olympic Games and other athletics for two years.

Oprah’s Battle Against Crack Addiction

Oprah’s fight and her amazing spirit to overcome addiction make her an inspiration to every individual working on beating substance abuse.

Heather Locklear; A Life Back On Track

The private pain that actress Heather Locklear continues to experience in life was made even more public recently when she secretly checked herself into a rehabilitation facility after a longtime relationship break.

Johnny Depp’s Journey Down a Dark Path

Johnny Depp worked hard to get where he is today. He started down a dark path, but was able to recover and regain control of his life and career.

Angelina Jolie an Alcoholic?

Angelina Jolie admits that before she was 20 years old, she had taken every drug imaginable.