Celebrity Drug Addiction

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Cory Monteith and the Dangers of Mixing Drinking & Drug Use

Learn about the tragic and preventable death of "Glee" star Cory Monteith in this post.

Off the Wagon: Ozzy Osbourne’s Recent Struggles with Drugs and Alcohol

Ozzy Osbourne, the popular solo artist and one-time front man of the 1970s heavy metal band Black Sabbath, confessed on April 15th, 2013, after a long stretch of sobriety, that he had been abusing alcohol and prescription drugs for the past year and a half.

“Glee” Star Cory Monteith Checks into Rehab

Thirty-year-old actor, Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson on Fox's hit series "Glee" recently checked himself into a facility for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

Trent Reznor: Fighting Past the Hard Rocking Lifestyle

Trent Reznor is a famous singer and song writer for Nine Inch Nails. He started his music career in the 1980s and faced a wide range of challenges from the beginning of his career. Among the most challenging problems he faced was an addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

Billie Joe Armstrong: Punk Rock’s 30-Day Treatment Success Story

By sharing his story of addiction and recovery in interviews, the singer wants to send a message of hope to other people struggling with substance abuse.

Mindy McCready Laid to Rest after Long Battle with Drug Addiction

On March 6, 2013, spunky country music singer, Mindy McCready, was remembered by friends, family and colleges at a memorial that captured the attention of the entire nation. Her career was overshadowed by a troubling drug and alcohol addiction that is being blamed for her untimely death at age 37.

NFL Star Earl Campbell and Painkillers: From Relief to Addiction

No one starts taking painkillers with the intention of becoming addicted, but an increased tolerance level and need to feel better often lead to abuse and eventual addiction.

Russell Brand: Sobriety Must Be Taken “Day-By-Day”

Russell Brand gave an honest depiction of his own struggles with addiction – even after years of sobriety – is an important reminder of the myriad challenges facing individuals who battle substance abuse

Chaka Khan: Putting the Soul Back in Life

Among the celebrities who have faced addiction and come out of it as a survivor is soul singer Chaka Khan. The famous soul singer faced many ups and downs along her career, but ultimately decided that drugs were not helping her career.

David Arquette: Sober for Three Years and Counting

A little more than two years ago, in early January 2011, actor David Arquette entered rehab for alcohol abuse. Despite his fame and family connections to the Hollywood lifestyle, his primary reasons for turning to alcohol were not different than yours or those of a loved one.