General Addiction

Traumatic Experiences and Substance Use

Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol may provide temporary relief from traumatic experiences, but it actually exacerbates trauma symptoms.

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Signs That Your Loved One Is Using Marijuana

Over 111 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once. It's likely that your child or loved one has been exposed to marijuana use. See the signs here.

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The Dangers of Codeine

Codeine is a pain medication available in both over-the-counter and prescription formulas. Since codeine is an opioid, there is misuse potential.

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5 Factors that Contribute to Drug Cravings

Understanding triggers and learning strategies to cope with drug cravings are an essential part of the recovery process.

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4 Ways to Sustain Long-Term Sobriety

Browse our list of suggestions to sustain long-term sobriety.

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What To Do If You’ve Had A Blackout

Blackouts occur when someone loses consciousness due to the overconsumption of a substance, usually alcohol. Discover what to do if you've had a blackout.

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When Drinking Alcohol Is Not Fun Anymore

Discover what happens when drinking alcohol stops being fun and becomes a full-time job.

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Serious Medical Conditions Linked to Addiction

For some people, drugs lead to serious medical conditions that negatively affect their quality of life. Discover which medical conditions are linked to addiction.

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People with Depression Turn to Drugs to Cope

When a mental health disorder is not treated, an individual is more likely to use alcohol or drugs in an effort to self-medicate. Discover why in this article.

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4 Things to Know to Confront Your Addiction

The best way to prevent addiction is to not use drugs or alcohol, but many of us are past that point. Here are 4 things you need to know to confront your addiction.

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