Gender Roles in Addiction

Behavioral and biological responses to addiction are different for men and women. Learn more about gender roles in addiction treatment.

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Relapse Prevention: The Role of Family and Friends

When a loved one begins the recovery process, the support of family and friends can reduce the risk of relapse. Learn more about relapse prevention.

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A Multi-Phase Approach To The Disease of Addiction

Effective treatment plans use a multi-phase approach to treat the disease of addiction and create a comprehensive continuum of care.

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How The Diagnostic Drawing Series Is Used In Art Therapy

The diagnostic drawing series is an art therapy assessment used by therapists to help clients express themselves.

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Familial Patterns of Alcohol Dependence

Explore why genetics and family relationships increase the chances of misusing alcohol and other substances.

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Existential Therapy Explained

Existential therapy, combined with other approaches, can be successful in helping people get in tune to their life’s purpose.

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Addiction is Complex, But Treatment is Effective

Many people misuse drugs and never become addicted. Discover why the disease of addiction is complex.

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Does Social Acceptance of Alcohol Perpetuate Alcoholism?

Drinking alcohol is socially acceptable, and in some situations expected. Does social acceptance of alcohol perpetuate alcoholism?

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Signs and Symptoms of Addictive Personalities

Wondering if you have an addictive personality? Browse our list of signs and symptoms.

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Addicted to Alcohol? Questions To Ask

Addicted to alcohol? Questions you should ask to determine if you require treatment.

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