[Infographic] Who’s Addicted? Addiction Demographics in the United States

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Why Your Loved One Has Stopped Enjoying Their Hobbies

Have you noticed that a loved one is suddenly no longer interested in hobbies that once brought them joy? Are you seeing that individual retreat inside themselves, interested in little and no longer enjoying life? While this can be a sign of many issues, including depression and anxiety, it is one of the primary signs of a drug or alcohol abuse problem. Understanding why this is happening will help you seek the right help […]

Why People Keep Using Drugs: What Is the Negative Feedback Loop?

The negative feedback loop is one of the reasons that it is so difficult to break the hold of addiction. Learn more in this post.

New Designer Drugs Increase Likelihood of Addiction

More designer drugs are being created with dangerous ingredients. This post looks at how designer drugs increase likelihood of addiction.

What Not To Do During an Intervention

Most people are familiar with the concept of an intervention and understand how they work. This post addresses what not to do during an intervention.
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5 Ways People Hide Addiction

There are a number of ways people hide addiction. This post will look at 5 common ways that people use to conceal a drug or alcohol problem.

What is Secondhand Drinking?

Drinking alcohol can have negative impact not only on the person consuming it but on the people around them. Discover what secondhand drinking is and how it affects 90 million Americans.
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Common Items People Use to Take Drugs

Abusing drugs is not always as straight-forward as taking a medication in the way that it is prescribed. When an individual is abusing drugs, he or she may use common items to either take the drugs or to hide the substance, explains the Department of Justice. Recognizing items that are commonly used for substance abuse can help determine if a loved one is abusing drugs and may need professional help.

Common Household Items

According to the […]

How Media Can Influnece Drug Use

There are a number of ways of how the media can influence drug use. This post looks at some of the ways that media influence, may lead to drug use.
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ASAM Twitter Chat Takeaways

We co-hosted another #RecoveryTalk Twitter chat with Young People In Recovery. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) joined us to discuss barriers to treatment and much more.
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