Meet Our Staff: Duke Tribble

We're proud to have an amazing team of professionals who care about their jobs, but who also care about the well-being of our clients. Meet Duke Tribble.

A Mother’s Story: Healing Through My Eyes

A Mother's Story was submitted by a mother of one of our alumni. It describes the journey of healing from addiction as a family.

The Delray Recovery Center Named 2015 Top Workplace

We are pleased to announce the Sun Sentinel newspaper has selected The Delray Recovery Center as one of the Top Workplaces of 2015.

Meet Our Staff: Laura Haskell

Our Director of Marketing, Laura Haskell, shares a bit about her role, working in the addiction treatment field, and tips addiction professionals may find useful.

Alcoholism: The Disease and Beyond

The American Medical Association declared alcoholism is a disease in 1956. There is a criteria that indicates if a person is suffering from alcoholism as opposed to a "problem drinker.” Learn more in this article.

How Your Diet Can Help Relieve Depression

Depression is linked to the balance of chemicals in the brain, a poor diet can contribute to symptoms. Discover how your diet can help relieve depression.
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Meet Our Staff: Beth Raymond

Meet Beth Raymond, she's one of our Admissions Coordinators. In her role, she assists individuals and families seeking recovery.

Meet Our Staff: Deena Brady

We value every member of our staff, specially our tech staff. Meet our Lead Behavioral Health Technician, Deena Brady.

A Mother’s Hope

This letter was sent to us by the mother of a DRC alumnus. We know how difficult it is to face this disease as a family, so we wanted to share this mother's hope.

The Effects of Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

Whether it's wine or beer, there is a list of risks associated with drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Click here more about these risks.
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