The Delray Recovery Center Treatment Programs

The powerful compulsion of alcohol and drug addiction can be devastating for the suffering individuals and difficult for family and friends to understand. Individuals with addictions find that attempting to quit drug or alcohol abuse on their own can be overwhelmingly difficult. At times, it may seem impossible.

We understand that every individual has a unique set of needs. Accordingly, both our alcohol treatment program and drug treatment program are personalized for each individual, targeting his or her specific clinical needs.

The First Step to Our Treatment Program: Detox

The first step to a lifetime of sobriety is to discontinue substance use – a challenge which typically requires a safe and supportive medically supervised detoxification. Depending on the duration and type of substance abuse, detoxification can be a brief process that will set the stage for rehabilitation or a longer, intense period of recovery requiring medical supervision. The Delray Recovery Center can diagnose these services as needed, and provide the treatment program to help regain control over life.

Following detoxification, The Delray Recover Center provides the transition to stabilization. At this stage, individuals receive the appropriate levels of support and treatment to allow them to gradually process the change and become receptive to new ideas and concepts. Throughout our treatment programs, frequent and random drug testing will be performed to ensure individuals are maintaining abstinence.

Build a Foundation for Recovery

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In order to specifically target attitudes and behaviors that are integral in the addiction, the treatment program analyzes each individual and provides a holistic, customized treatment approach. Clinical specialists help each individual identify the negative behaviors and attitudes that led to the addiction. And, through a multitude of therapeutic techniques, each person will learn how to replace the old attitudes with new ones.

Our goal is to teach each individual how to build a foundation for recovery, identifying and eliminating negative tendencies. Utilizing group and individual counseling sessions, each individual will embark on a path leading to renewed confidence, self worth, and sobriety.

At The Delray Recovery Center, our mission is to provide a foundation for recovery and a framework for a happy and healthy sober lifestyle. Our treatment program utilizes the most advanced techniques available, including a multitude of traditional, holistic, and alternative therapies designed to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

We also offer many more unique and exciting therapeutic offerings that enhance the sober experience and increase the chances of success in sobriety. We utilize standard drug and alcohol screening to ensure that clients are remaining sober throughout their rehabilitation period.

Our Treatment Programs Consists of:

  • Group counseling sessions
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Holistic therapy
  • 12-Step workshops
  • Life skills workshops
  • Educational seminars
  • Aftercare treatment

Group and Individual Treatment Programs

At The Delray Recovery Center, we mix in new and exciting activities each week so that program participants maintain interest in the recovery process and grow and engage in fresh accomplishments. We utilize various treatment modalities in both group and individual settings:

Existential Therapy focuses on the idea that our existence is never at a standstill; rather we are constantly recreating and improving ourselves. We move forward with self-awareness, freedom, responsibility, self-identification, and the development of purpose.
Gestalt Therapy focuses on cohesively integrating all dimensions of the individual’s personality to promote self- awareness and healthy coping mechanisms.
Narrative Therapy centers on the idea that past experiences directly affect how the individual views and identifies him or herself. This therapy aims to evaluate the accuracy of past perceptions and make positive changes to promote self-esteem and healthy identity.
Person-Centered Therapy focuses on expanding self-awareness and discovering new ways of life that are both healthy and personally fulfilling.
Psychoanalytic Theory explores the early years of one’s life as a heavy influence on current personality functioning.
REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) enables an individual to identify irrational thought patterns and replace them with healthy and rational ways of thinking.

Let The Delray Recovery Center Help Today

Our number one goal is you and your family members recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse start the journey to recovery today.

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