How to Confront an AddictAccording to numerous medical professionals who specialize in drug addiction treatment, knowing how to confront someone about addiction is not always easy. Usually that person is in denial and resisting the thought of entering a rehab program to overcome their addiction.

Denial is the primary reason why the individual will not get the professional help they need, even when they know they need it and are suffering with the adverse effects of the addiction. This is usually the greatest challenge you are going to have.

Another primary reason that the person using resists getting professional help is generally referred to as “the fear of the unknown”. This makes it even more difficult to figure out how to confront a user about their issues. That fear of the unknown refers to their inability to comprehend what their life is going to be like without the substance they are addicted to.

They are afraid of learning how to do this and knowing that they cannot function throughout a single day without that substance.

Is it Time For An Intervention?

Timing when to confront someone using is the primary issue at this step. Putting it as simply as possible, the best time to schedule an intervention is when you feel the person has gotten to the point where there are no other options for saving their life. Determining this timing is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the person is in denial and has become skilled at manipulating the situation and the people around them.

Conducting An Intervention

Whether it is alcohol, drugs, or some other type of addiction such as eating, gambling, pornography, video games, it doesn’t matter. No matter what type of addiction we are talking about, you have to know how to confront someone using in order to get them into rehab. The philosophy that underlies an intervention is the deliberate introduction of change into that person’s life and thoughts. But there are certain aspects of an intervention to be aware of.

The following will give you an idea of what you need to do when the intervention is taking place:

  • Be sure the timing is right for sitting the person down and confronting them in a group intervention setting
  • Form your intervention group from the most important people in the individual’s life
  • Employ the services of a professional interventionist
  • Determine when and where the intervention is going to take place (in other words, the day, time, and place)
  • Consider getting some counseling yourself as the person’s addiction has had an emotional impact on you as well

The Delray Recovery Center Can Help

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