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You Can Trust The Delray Recovery Center

Finding an addiction treatment center you can trust is the first step to recovery. The expert staff at The Delray Recovery Center provides safe, effective treatment that you can trust. Our luxurious facilities and professional team help clients overcome the challenges and obstacles in their path and lead a new, sober life.

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If you are wondering if there might be a problem, now is the time to call and find out from an expert if you should be concerned. If you believe that there definitely is an addiction problem, give us a call and we can help you with the next appropriate steps for you. There’s no obligation. We are just here to help.

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Our Beautiful Recovery Center

Two Beds in Every Room

Comfortable Setting Reduces Stress in Addiction Recovery

Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Delray Recovery Center Lobby

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Sophisticated Office at Delray

The Delray Recovery Center is located in a serene environment in South Florida, providing the rest, relaxation, and comfort necessary to focus on the goal of recovery.

Highly Structured Advanced Clinical Treatment
Life Skills Training, Family & Individual Counseling
Relapse Prevention Training & Post-Treatment Preparation
Transitional Living & Continuing Care
The Delray Recovery Center treatment program prepares clients for long-term success with a focus on individualized plans, a holistic approach, and guidance in transition.
The Delray Recovery Center Process
Counseling and Wholeness
Life Skills and New Habits
Transitional Living and Aftercare

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