The Need for Women Only Rehab Programs

women addiction recoveryThe traditional type of rehab program with its generalized approach to addiction treatment and recovery was all that was offered to suffering individuals for many years in the past. Since the onset of the concept which originated in the asylums of the late 1800’s, addiction rehab has evolved into a multi-faceted system of treatment and recovery therapies.

In the earlier days, there were only clinics and/or hospitals that offered professional help. Unfortunately, these more traditional facilities exhibited a high failure rate.

These traditional facilities are still operating today and still rely on those older, conventional therapies that are ineffective and now considered to be out of date. In recent years, we have seen the onset of different needs-based addiction rehab programs including women addiction recovery programs.

Gender-specific programs evolved out of a need that wasn’t being fulfilled by the traditional facilities. You typically find women-only rehab programs in the alternative, residential looking addiction treatment and recovery facilities.

The Difference in Treatment for Men and Women

Gender differences play a significant role in the addiction rehab process and are extremely important. The National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA has published reports suggesting that the ideal women addiction recovery program address certain underlying issues of a woman’s addiction that the traditional facilities oftentimes neglect.

They also take into consideration the emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual consequences that result from being addicted to drugs as well as any underlying psychological issues.

The Needs of a Woman

Women addiction recovery programs address those needs that are exclusive to women. Those needs are radically different from the needs of men, hence there being men-only programs as well. The reason that women develop addictions to alcohol and/or drugs varies considerably from why men develop addictions. group women addiction rcovery

It makes sense then that rehab programs need to be gender-specific and needs-oriented in nature. As a result, the women addiction recovery program offered in residential facilities is much more effective.

Why Should You Consider Our Facility?

Our women addiction recovery programs are the most effective in the US. They feature the perfect combination of alternative, Holistic, and traditional therapies while the client is recovering in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

The Delray Recovery Center realizes how strong the compulsion to use drugs is for the suffering individual. That is why we developed our “Strength to Change” program.

This program is a comprehensive curriculum and combines several treatment and recovery options which were developed in order to help individuals suffering with abuse, addiction, or dependency issues. They are based on the individual’s needs which are exclusive to them so that they can overcome their substance abuse issues and recover successfully.

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