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The Delray Recovery Center strives to be the leading premium treatment center in the nation, offering the most effective, customized, and compassionate substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment.

The Delray Recovery Center specializes in treating alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and sleep disorders. At The Delray Recovery Center, experienced clinicians create customized treatment programs to meet each individual’s specific needs, drawing from a comprehensive curriculum and a variety of innovative treatment modalities.

“I have been introduced to a new life thanks to treatment I have received here.”

– Tim W., West Palm Beach, FL

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Comprehensive Curriculum and Variety of Holistic, Traditional, and Alternative Treatment Options.

Our programs draw from a comprehensive curriculum and variety of holistic, traditional, and alternative treatment options to create a customized plan based on each individual’s specific clinical needs.

These customized plans are developed through the collaborative efforts of The Delray Recovery Center’s experienced and dedicated team of psychiatrists, therapists, and physicians. Each plan may consist of group counseling sessions, individual counseling sessions, holistic therapy, 12-step workshops, life skills workshops, educational seminars and other therapeutic offerings to enhance the sober experience and increase the chances of success in sobriety.

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Treatment at The Delray Recovery Center

The powerful compulsion of drug or alcohol addictions can be devastating for the suffering individuals and difficult for family and friends to understand. A person with an addiction may want to quit, and may try to quit on their own, but overcoming addiction without a support system is extremely difficult.

At times, it may seem impossible.

The Delray Recovery Center understands the challenges that face a client with an addiction. We understand that every individual has a unique set of needs. Accordingly, each individual will have his or her own personalized treatment plan, targeting his or her specific clinical needs.

The treatment programs at The Delray Recovery Center are designed to provide a foundation for recovery and a framework for a healthy, sober lifestyle.


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Treatment at The Delray Recovery Center

The first step to a lifetime of sobriety is to discontinue substance use — a challenge which typically requires a safe and supportive medically supervised detoxification. No detox is the same – each client has their own needs during this period, and The Delray Recovery Center can diagnose these treatment needs and provide the necessary services to make it through this period.

Following detox, The Delray Recovery Center helps the client transition into the treatment of their addiction. Individuals receive the appropriate levels of support and treatment to allow them to gradually process the change and become receptive to new ideas and concepts. Throughout the treatment process, frequent and random drug testing will be performed to ensure individuals are maintaining abstinence.

In order to specifically target attitudes and behaviors that contribute to addiction, our program analyzes each individual and provides a holistic, customized treatment approach. Clinical specialists help each individual identify the negative behaviors and attitudes that led to the addiction. Through a multitude of therapeutic techniques, each person will learn how to replace the old attitudes with new ones.

Our goal is to teach each individual how to build a foundation for recovery, identifying and eliminating negative behaviors and triggers. Utilizing both group and individual counseling sessions, each individual will embark on a path leading to renewed confidence, self-worth, and sobriety.

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