An Addiction Treatment Program that Really Works

At The Delray Recovery Center, we believe that everyone suffering from addiction and alcoholism deserves the opportunity to regain health and well being. Our integrative addiction treatment program, based on a five phase “step-down model”, provides a comprehensive continuum of care.

The first phase is the most structured and intensive; each phase thereafter offers more freedom. Each individual moves at his or her own pace through the different levels.

5 Phase Step Down Model

Phase I

The Delray Recovery Center prides itself on its highly structured and clinically dynamic model of addiction treatment. Upon admittance into Phase I of the program, clients are assessed psychologically, medically, and sociologically by highly trained doctors and therapists; after which, individualized treatment plans are created that best fit their specific needs. Clients are then oriented to the rigorous schedule of groups, individual counseling, and behavior modification workshops offered at The Delray Recovery Center.

During the day, clients participate in small groups that focus on:

  • Substance abuse
  • Relapse prevention
  • Emotional stability
  • Spirituality
  • Healthy behaviors
  • Coping skills

In the evening, clients prepare their assignments for the following day, attend 12-step meetings and workshops, and reinforce life skills, such as healthy meal planning and goal setting. During a client’s stay at The Delray Recovery Center, our professional staff maintains constant supervision, ensuring uninterrupted safety and support.

A team of experienced clinicians and doctors provides all services, both for the client and the client’s family. These professionals create a safe and nurturing environment for each client to begin his or her newly recovered life.

Phase II

This phase of the program is a continuation of Phase I, with several significant modifications designed to provide the client with a sense of accomplishment for their progress during the first few weeks. One key component of Phase II is the family program. The Delray Recovery Center recognizes that healing from the pain and trauma of addiction extends to the family as well.

The process of healing is ongoing and the importance of integrating family involvement cannot be overstated. Although our clinical team has been working closely with the family throughout the treatment program thus far, the client, to this point, has had limited contact with their family. Mending close relationships in recovery is a delicate and ongoing process. We encourage the family to attend one of our therapeutic family weekends to facilitate repairing these developments.

Phase III

Phase III of the program is characterized by the introduction of post addiction treatment goals. Clients continue to receive the program’s full schedule of counseling, both group and individual therapy, and family sessions, while also being introduced to the Life Skills aspect of the program.

Based on the client’s educational and vocational needs, clients will begin to take the necessary steps toward achieving their desired goals while maintaining an active treatment schedule. Our comprehensive Life Skills program includes resume building, interview techniques, and job placement assistance. During the Life Skills program, each client has a tailored Life Skills plan that focuses on the individual needs of the client.

Phase IV

After demonstrating considerable progress, clients are advanced to Phase IV of our program. Here, the client can practice implementing the sober behaviors and relapse prevention techniques learned throughout their time at The Delray Recovery Center, while working to meet their post-treatment objectives.

Clients maintain a structured schedule to ensure time for morning and evening groups and one-on-one counseling, while enjoying more freedom to attend 12-step meetings with their new found sober support network.

Phase V

Phase V: Transitional Living after addiction treatment

Phase V provides support as the individual re-enters the “real world” after addiction treatment

Phase V provides the opportunity for the client to build upon their new foundation while transitioning back to regular life within a highly structured environment.

Clients continue to attend group therapy daily and one-on-one counseling with their primary therapist, as well as participate in our aftercare and alumni programs. Our well-appointed apartments are supervised 24 hours a day to ensure a safe, sober environment for our clients.

The duration of this phase is unique to each individual and The Delray Recovery Center welcomes individuals to continue in transitional living until they are confident in their newly attained life skills, and are ready to take the next step in their recovered lives.

To provide the best continuity of care, individual counseling is offered to every client on an ongoing basis even after the client has completed his or her addiction treatment.

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