What to look for if you suspect crack useWhat is Crack?

Crack is a form of cocaine so named because of the crackling noise it makes when the user heats it up to smoke it.

Also known as freebase, base, black rock, and rock. Crack is a purified form of cocaine that is even more potent and addictive than cocaine is.

Freebasing mixes the white powder of cocaine with baking soda and water, producing the off-white rocks known as crack. The term freebase also refers to the act of smoking crack.

As with cocaine, crack requires increasing amounts of the drug to get same high experienced during earlier use.

Terms like “base crazies” and “chicken scratch” are used to describe someone on their hands and knees scratching around for dropped crack or cocaine, further exemplifying the state of frenzy that can come from needing the drug.

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Crack cocaine symptoms and warning signs

Signs of crack use are similar to those of cocaine use, except the high is even more intense and the effects last for a shorter duration. While a cocaine high can last up to 30 minutes, crack typically wears off in about five to 10. Smoking this purified form of cocaine sends the drug into the bloodstream more quickly than snorting a non-purified form.

Signs of Crack Use

Effects of Cocaine

  • Rapid speech
  • Loss of appetite
  • Skewed sleeping habits
  • Dilated pupils
  • Paranoia
  • Delusions & irrational behavior

When a crack high wears off, the user can hit a low that matches the high in intensity. Mood swings, depression and fatigue are typical signs of someone coming down from the drug.

Increased crack use can result in an increase and change in symptoms. Instead of being on a happy high, the high can turn into a state of anxiety and irritability. Hostility, more severe bouts of paranoia and a complete personality transformation can accompany repeated use of crack. Extensive use can result in weight loss and even violence.

Cocaine Users have an Increase Risk of Sexual Behaviors, Violence, etc

The Reality of Crack Addiction

As with many drug users who become increasingly dependent on a drug, crack abuse can lead to behaviors that would have been unthinkable in a sober state. Users may take to stealing money to feed their habit or selling off possessions for a fraction of what they are worth just to get their next high. Lying can become second nature.

The possibility of a crack overdose can be high, especially since crack can be taken intravenously or can be mixed with other substances to be smoked.

Effects of Crack Cocaine

Crack on its own can also cause an overdose, resulting in an extremely rapid heartbeat, profuse sweating, a spike in blood pressure, and in the worst case scenarios, seizures, stroke and death.

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