physical dependence on meth

Recognizing the signs of addiction to methamphetamine drugs is essential to helping a loved one seek appropriate addiction treatment before it is too late.

Signs of Physical Dependence

Meth dependence develops as a result of the changes that take place in a persons brain from taking the drug. Recognizing these changes may help you to identify if a loved one has developed a dependency.

The physical signs of dependence on methamphetamine drugs include:

  • Physical tolerance, resulting in taking a higher dose of the drug
  • Physical cravings for the drug when it is not taken for a set period of time
  • Reduced time periods before the cravings develop
  • Signs of physical withdrawal when the drug is not taken
The physical signs of meth use are more obvious than the emotional or psychological symptoms. When a physical dependence develops, the individual is also psychologically dependent on the drug. Recognizing the psychological signs of addiction will help determine if you or your loved one could benefit from professional help.

Signs of Psychological Dependence

Addiction has severe effects on an individual’s mental health. Since methamphetamine drugs are very addictive, the physical and psychological dependence will develop rapidly after taking the drug for the first time.

The signs of psychological dependence include:
signs of meth dependence

  • Severe insomnia and refusal to sleep, resulting in days or even weeks without sleeping
  • Bouts of depression that result in taking more of the drug
  • Anxiety
  • Severe paranoia that gets worse over time
  • Hallucinations, even when the drug is not used for a few days
  • Fixation on taking the drug
The mental health symptoms of addiction will take many forms, but primarily they cause mental health disturbances that result in drug-seeking behaviors to self-medicate. The physical cravings and the psychological fixation on taking the drug result in developing an addiction.

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