The True Facts About Ketamine

The Facts About Ketamine

Ketamine was created and developed in 1962 by Parke-Davis, which is also called Pfizer. The pharmaceutical company created the drug as an anesthetic for doctors and veterinarians to use as necessary on patients. When used in a medical setting, the substance is controlled and will have limited effects.

Despite the original intention, the drug became popular for recreational purposes in 1969. The drug became popular due to the hallucinogenic properties that appealed to the hippie culture of the time.

The modern use of ketamine is primarily found in nightclubs. The drug is preferred due to the impact and the lack of taste or smell. In some cases, ketamine effects are exploited by rapists to disorient victims due to the lack of odor or flavor.

Abusing the Substance


Ketamine abuse is a problem that is most notable in Eastern Asia and Europe, but it is also growing in the United States. Roughly 46 deaths in the United States in 2009 were the result of ketamine abuse and taking a large dose of the drug.

Since the substance is found in a powdered or liquid form, many individuals will swallow the drug by mixing it with a liquid or use a needle to inject the substance. Smoking and breathing in the drug through the nose are also used as methods of taking Ketamine.

The names of the drug vary, but many street names will have the letter K in the word or as a stand-alone letter after another word.

Dangers of Ketamine Abuse

Substance abuse is always dangerous and ketamine is not an exception. The impact on health that is associated with ketamine include:

  • Difficulty remembering information
  • Reduced functioning in the brain
  • Damage to the brain and organs in the body
  • Inability to focus
  • Trouble moving the body
  • Losing consciousness for extended periods of time
  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Seeing and hearing items that are not present
  • Feeling that the body is stronger
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dying or near-death experiences

Ketamine abuse is a serious problem

It can lead to serious health side effects and is known to cause a near-death experience called K-hole when large doses are taken.The feeling of detachment that some ketamine users experience occurs when the drug is taken in large amounts. A small amount more will lead to death from an overdose if the individual does not get to the hospital in time.

Taking ketamine is a very dangerous activity. The drug can cause serious side effects and might lead to addiction. When ketamine is taken regularly over a long period of time, physical and psychological dependence can develop.

It is possible to overcome ketamine addiction with help and support. If you suspect a loved one may be struggling with addiction, it is essential that you contact us immediately.

24/7 Ketamine Abuse Helpline: 1 (561) 404-1474